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Pentagon Security Services - Securing the UK.         24hrs: 0800 994 9147

Pentagon Security Services

Pentagon Security Services delivers security officers that guarantees quality. All static and corporate security guards have received training based on tried and tested police an military services surveillance techniques. Using these proven surveillance techniques result in your company experiencing reduced problem incidents and a lower cost for your property ownership. Whether manned or static we can provide the security solution for you and with one of the best and most reliable quotes within the UK.

"We can guarantee to beat any like for like quotes"

Pentagon Security Services selects its guarding and security personnel carefully with comprehensive interview procedures. New security officers are always accompanied by our experienced Pentagon Security Services staff to ensure our client experience a service with reliable, honest, ethical and hardworking individuals. While training progress, reference checks are made and a criminal index is cross referenced. Special training, medical examinations, I.Q. and drug tests are scheduled as necessary.  

"We maintain the highest level of performance as standard in each security staff and every security service we offer"

We provide clients with trained and certified staff that may also be trained in additional areas of security such as Surveillance, Door Personnel, Close Protection, Ex- Military and Police security personnel that are all licenced with the Security Industry Authority.  Our Security Personnel can demonstrate proven operational experience and high standards of professionalism and are able to adapt into any type of environment to suit the individual requirements of our clients. 

"Through the provisions of unrivalled quality commercial security services to businesses operating in the public and private sectors, Pentagon Security Force has achieved bounds of success through building on its policy of integrity, credibility and partnership with all of its clients" 

We can also equip our security personnel with a Guard Monitoring Device which records the security guards movements throughout the assignment. All records of this system are viewed by our control centre every 30 seconds and is based in the heart of the UK.  This shows the exact location of patrols on our system at live times and has an emergency button for control, room, local supervisor, mobile patrol unit and also the local police station. 

"Our Security personnel are required to make regular hourly check calls to our 24 hour control centre in order to confirm safety of the security officer and the client’s premises".


Throughout the day, night or weekend, our supervisor’s inspectors and mangers will routinely and randomly visit each client’s site in order to review the security officer’s performance and also review patrols and safety checks. 
In addition to this we can guarantee that our security officers are the best in the industry, that's why the companies that we provide our security services for are covered for up to 2 million through our public and product liability insurance policy by using our security guards.


Mobile Patrols
All visits to the premises are recorded and are arranged to be at irregular times so as not to create a noticeable pattern that could otherwise be exploited by a criminal element. Our trained, uniformed mobile patrols create a high profile presence. This serves not only a deterrent but can also be extremely helpful in the early detection of any possible problems.

Static Guards
The presence of one or more static security guard on site has proven to be an extremely effective method of securing sites and business premises. 
A permanent, uniformed static guard will give your business an element of prestige as they welcome your staff and visitors. A static security guard can also provide a visual deterrent to casual theft or vandalism whether it be outsiders or staff.  Our static security guards can also be instructed to help your business with non-security related problems and routine tasks.
So, whether you choose a full or part time security guard is up to you. It may be that you need a guard only for when your business is open or only when it is closed. Pentagon Security Force has the flexibility to give you cover when you need it and will help you work within your budget. We can offer your business long or short term cover to suit your requirements. 


What we offer- A genuine understanding of your business needs with a proactive management based on a professional risk assessment done by our trained management team. A solutions approach based on close working relationships with property and facilities management companies gripped fully integrated Security and support services. With sound operating practices complying with British Standards and a s strong employee welfare culture and a genuine commitment to training and developing people. An enthusiastic and committed management support. 

Pentagon Security Services uses highly trained sector specific team’s which work hard within the construction industry and ensure the protection of equipment and minimisation of losses. Construction site burglaries and thefts are a regular occurrence. Through our experience in the field we can assist you in implementing effective site security and crime prevention plans.  We understand how important it is to prevent loss and damage whilst construction is in progress. We apply a cost effective, high quality use of resources to guarantee an unmatched level of service.
It has been our goal to develop long term relationships with key customers through our knowledge of the construction industry.  Patrol monitoring systems can also be implemented to provide the client with real time management information, which demonstrates that patrols are being carried out at times and frequency that have been agreed. 

If you are planning an event or annual general meeting then you need to know that your guests will not be at risk and that proceedings will run smoothly. There may be the possibility of external groups or protesters trying to cause a disruption. 
Alternatively, you may need to guarantee complete confidentiality and ensure that it is only genuine guests who gain entry. In any case, Pentagon Security Force can provide staff for the complete event from start to finish. 

Surveillance 24/7
If your site is subject to protest groups, you will want to know who is organising them and what they may be planning. Our operatives are able to examine all available information, trace the necessary individuals and put together a detailed report of a client's threat- type and level. Moreover, the client can use this report as the foundation of a Security package and use Pentagon Security Force to provide a task force to contain that threat. 

CP or Body Guards
Close protection or Bodyguards could be arranged to look after specific individuals, it’s not simply the domain of the celebrity. In today’s world, senior business executives, government ministers and wealthy individuals are viewed as Targets. Whether it would be from terrorist groups, activists or criminal activity.

Pentagon Security Services can provide exactly the sort of personnel operative you need. You may prefer a highly visible bodyguard, someone who is clearly at your side at all times.
In contrast, you may favour a discrete level of security so that those around you are unaware that you are being protected. However, no matter the style of service you prefer, be assured that your bodyguard will guarantee you are as safe and far away from danger as possible.

High Level Risk
If a risk is deemed at high level, we would employ the SAP (Security Advanced Party) or PES team (Protected Escort Security) and of course security drivers.
Where necessary we will vet and monitor staff and associated personnel. We will, if requested, conduct a full security audit of procedures and promises including electronic security. 

Under Cover Officers
Under Cover Officers could be used to determine threats within the workforce from staff, or theft taking place, our officer can work, dress and look just like your regular employee's in order to find where threats or thefts are coming from and who is responsible.

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